Non Green Plants: Examples And Importance

Non Green Plants, examples of non-green plants: Do you know there are many kinds of plants that are nongreen plants? Usually, we all know a plant’s color is green but there is some special kind of plants which are color are not green. Well, here in today’s Anmol Bharat article I Sumit Tiwari, Founder of Geeksmit going to tell you examples of nongreen plants. So Let’s start.

Non Green Plants,examples of non-green plants

What are non-Green Plants?

Those plants which don’t have chlorophyll are called Non-green plants. Chlorophyll is responsible for the plant’s green color. Due to the lack of chlorophyll plants do not get their greenish color. Normal green plants contain chloroplast cell organelle that produces green pigment which is called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is responsible for preparing food in plants. Without chlorophyll, plants can’t prepare food. In nongreen plants, chlorophyll is not present. Plants perform the photosynthesis process with the help of chlorophyll so without chlorophyll how do plants survive? At the end of this article, you will come to this answer.

Examples Of Non-Green Plants

1. Mushroom

Non Green Plants,examples of non-green plants

Do you ever heard the word “MUSHROOM”? if not, then I tell you. This is an example of Non-Green Plants. Mushroom is a fungus. Basically, mushrooms have many varieties. Some are eatable whereas some are poisonous. Mushrooms are delicious as well as full of nutrition. There are a lot of people who are doing mushroom farming.

2. Bread Mould

Non Green Plants,examples of non-green plants

Another best non-green plants example is Bread Mould. It contains on bread we used to eat in our breakfast. Just bring bread and place it in an open space or leave it long time then you can see Bread mould. Bread Mould is a fungus. This fungus feed from bread. If you eat this Bread Mould it may make you ill.

3. Orchids

This is a kind of flower. Orchids are the most beautiful flower. I know you were thinking Orchid’s color is green then why I put it in the list of Non-Green Plants, Hold on. Yes you are right Orchids are green but not all. Some Orchids are nongreen. Nongreen Orchids are in white color.

4. Puffball


Similar to mushrooms, puffballs are also eatable. But yes, it is nongreen plants.

5. Bracket Tree

This is fungi. Bracket Tree is not eatable as it is fungi. Bracket Tree grows in the woods.

6. Yeast

This is also a fungi. Yeast is another example of nongreen plants. Yeast is used in the bakery industry as some yeast are useful.

7. Penicillium

The famous Antibiotics Penicillium notatum is made of penicillium. Penicillium is a type of fungi that are used in making medicine.

8. Lithops

Lithops are nongreen plants which are also known as living stone plants founds in South Africa.

9. Hydrona Africana

As its name, it is native to South Africa. This is a kind of Parasite. This is also known as Jackal Food

10. Broomrape

examples of non-green plants

This is a parasite found on tomatoes, brinjal, beans. This derives nutrients from other plants.

How NonGreen Plants Get Food?

As we know Chlorophyll is responsible for prepare food in plants. Those plants which do not contain chlorophyll are nongreen plants. So the question is how nongreen plants get food. The answer is simple. Nongreen plants derive or you can say steal food from other plants.

Importance of NonGreen Plants

Non-Green plants are a good source of food like Mushrooms.
Some are used in making medicine. Like, Penicillium
Help in decomposing organic matter
Nongreen plants are also a part of our ecosystem as well as the food chain.

Final Words

I hope now you completely understood what are nongreen plants. What are examples of NonGreen Plants? How Non-Green plants get food.If you still have any doubt feel free to contact us. Comment below your all doubts.


Question: How do nongreen plants get their food?

Those plants which do not contain chlorophyll are nongreen plants. So the question is how nongreen plants get food. The answer is simple. Nongreen plants derive or you can say steal food from other plants.

Question: Does Photosynthesis Occur in NonGreen Plants?

Answer: Non-greens plants Chlorophyll is present in lesser quantity. Because of this plants do not appear green but Yes, nongreen plants also perform photosynthesisQuestion: 10 examples of non-green plants?

Answer: Examples Of Non-Green Plants:

  1. Mushroom
  2. Orchids
  3. Penicillium
  4. Lithops
  5. Puffballs
  6. Bread moulds.
  7. Bracket tree.
  8. Yeast.
  9. Ringworms.
  10. Broomrape

Question: nongreen plants get their food from?

Answer: Nongreen plants also perform the photosynthesis process. If somehow they are not able to perform photosynthesis they derive food from other plants.

Question: non-green plants that we eat?

Answer: the mushroom.

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